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Our in-depth understanding of the global travel and hospitality sector is what makes us uniquely different. We solve real problems, and have extensive experience with multi-channel strategies and transactional sites, including fiscal responsibility for delivering $2 billion+ in annual revenue within the travel industry. We are performance driven at a local, national and global level. We don’t just create strategies, we execute initiatives and work directly with our client’s teams to implement them.

Global Distribution

Are you happy with your current OTA, GDS, voice, web and channel distribution strategies? Do you want to find ways to reduce costs and increase business? We can help. We have negotiated industry-first global distribution agreements and identified countless ways to save money and streamline processes. We know your pain and can bring you results.

Website Design & Development

We’ll conduct a thorough review of your website, including an evaluation of your website architecture and real-time user feedback. We use current trends and technologies to position your business to excel online. You’ll see gains in the usability, visibility and overall performance of your site. We have done this for major hotel and tourism brands and succeeded in gaining substantial market share over companies with much bigger budgets.


It goes without saying that mobile is your marketplace. Your customer expects your website to adapt to their screen or browser or they move on to your competitor. Our website review will include an assessment of your mobile readiness and a plan to ensure that your website scales to any device, resolution or browser.

Search Marketing

Your site can work hard 24 hours a day, but only if you’ve optimized it that way. We’ll use our experienced search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) team to do a deep dive and let you know where the untapped opportunities are and show you cost effective strategies to build your brand and grow online market share.

Strategy Development

Your ecommerce strategy should support your business passion and purpose. Our approach is to create a plan, driven by your objectives, that connects you with your customer online. Whether it‘s to be first to market with a new feature, lowering your costs of doing business, updating your web presence or a comprehensive overall eCommerce and distribution strategy, we have the expertise to help your business prosper online.

Customer Loyalty & Research

Our custom research and insights services help clients untangle and overcome their most difficult growth challenges.  Our expert in this area has conducted numerous quantitative and qualitative research projects on over 100 brands across eight countries and seven languages. Studies include Customer Segmentation, Brand Positioning, Brand Health Assessment, Competitive Benchmarking, Satisfaction & Loyalty Tracking, Concept Testing, Price Elasticity, Online and Onsite Focus Groups, In-Depth Interviews and Retail Intercept Interviews.

Technology & Software Development

We deliver top-notch technology solutions that are creative, nimble and affordable.  Our technology team has deep experience, spanning from developing global lodging CRS sites to mobile applications, web and desktop applications. We specialize in software development services, system integration, and IT outsourcing solutions.  We serve clients ranging from single-location retail shops to large multi-branded, multi-national conglomerates.

Translation and Localization Services

We offer localization and translation services to expand global customer engagement and revenue opportunities.  Our team has deep understanding of translation service providers and can help our clients find the right solution and negotiate best pricing and terms.


Our expertise includes providing insights and analytic services to ensure every decision ties back to our clients’ objectives and provides a consistent cycle of improvement.  We have achieved multi-million-dollar gains for clients and have vast experience with Google analytics, SERP, Omniture, conversion, marketing, online channel, competitive intelligence and campaign tracking.

Global Sales Representation

Our clients can expand their global reach to include international sales, marketing and public relations representation to grow their business quickly and efficiently.  The MBK Group can connect and negotiate for you with a variety of GSA service providers to help you navigate this complex channel.

Mapping and Demographic data

How do you know which markets are the best to expand your business into? Opening up a new office, franchise or location to grow revenues? There is a myriad of geospatial mapping products and data that can be used. Our team can help you assess which one is best for your expansion strategy and align you with the right expertise to help profile your customers, evaluate market potential and improve personalization.

More on Services Offered

Who couldn’t use an auxiliary sales force and extra marketing dollars to capture untapped opportunity?  Affiliate marketing is a cost effective, performance-based solution that allows others to market your products and services globally to deliver incremental revenue. Sort of like friends with benefits.

There are many components to marketing a brand online: marketing, distribution, brand perception and brand protection (we’re not even naming them all). Our experience includes extensive single and multi-brand marketing, domestically and internationally, in both up and down economies. We’ve built equity for brands like Best Western, Choice Hotels, and vacation destinations, like Clearwater, FL.  Partnering with you to identify the unique position that render long-term potential for building your brand is our goal. We love that stuff!

Our experienced digital marketers and analysts provide insights to help improve success metrics and grow conversion, reduce costs and improve ROI through proven optimization practices.

Understanding your competition, along with the technology, sales, branding and marketing tactics that affect your industry can provide great insights into how best to steer your strategy.

Content that is relevant, timely and helpful is the key to being successfully crawled by search engines and placed high in search results. Content is everything from words and ideas, to pictures and video which all help to create an engaging experience with your customers. That’s the magic that leads to conversion.

Experience matters – a lot! We have negotiated some of the most successful, biggest and toughest distribution, sales and marketing deals in the travel industry, including companies like Expedia, Sabre, American Express, Google, AAA, and Amadeus. We’ve created winning contracts for brands and partners alike.

By using web analytics and customer feedback you can better understand where the opportunities are and what needs to be improved upon. Then, remove those barriers, revise and update the site, rinse and repeat until your conversion goals are achieved.

How do you inform and inspire people all over the world to choose your destination? In today’s world it takes a convergence of traditional and digital marketing, B2B and B2C strategies to influence buyers. For destination marketers, showing value and measurement are more critical than ever.

Digital marketing leverages the omni-presence of the Internet to reach your customers. Are you tapping the opportunities available to you?  From search to mobile, social media, to user experience and apps – without a digital marketing strategy, new client acquisitions, brand visibility, and revenue generating opportunities will pass you by.

Distribution channels continually evolve – new opportunities arise, traditional channels shift and costs change, which all means the analysis of your distribution channels needs to be done on a regular basis. It’s a critical exercise that can generate amazing results and help set the framework for how best to build your future strategy. By optimizing direct channels, we increased website traffic, conversion and revenue for major hotel brands by 130%.

With smartphones now the most common starting place for online activities, our mobile experience can help your business engage with customers at a much richer level. In addition to authoring the very first hotel industry global mobile app, our innovative IT development team has designed and built successful mobile apps across a variety of industries.

The shopping and buying process take many forms. It can start in one channel (mobile) and end in another (online or in person). Omni channel marketing allows you to provide a seamless customer experience and market effectively across all touch points.

Let’s get surgical. A properly executed paid search campaign allows you to target searchers looking for your type of product or service and delivers them to your door.  They need to land on a page that takes advantage of that match up and drives to conversion. It’s both art and science and we’re really good at it.

Whether your organization needs a subject matter expert for a panel discussion, education session or to enlighten, entertain and inspire audiences, many of our senior team leaders have strong public speaking backgrounds that can help make your event a success.

It’s a multi-screen world. Our time online is spent between devices – in many cases, simultaneously. Your site needs to provide a great user experience on all of them. We can help.

We have been the driver for launching revenue management disciplines and pricing strategies for major hotel brands, and we have daily on-property operator experience, too. Sometimes referred to as yield management, revenue management looks closely at what the market will bear at various points in time and flexes to meet the demand. Analyzing channels and occupancy will result in powerful insights that maximize revenue. If you’re not doing it, you’re leaving revenue on the table.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is no longer about simply ranking in organic results on page one (although that’s really good). It’s a holistic discipline with no single tactic or strategy that will help to get you to those top 10 results. Achieving good rankings requires being aware of and strategically leveraging three key areas — links, content and social media marketing. Each of which, integrated successfully, will lead to a successful SEO strategy.
People want to see the human side of companies they do business with. Social media gives you an opportunity to engage with the people you most want to reach. It’s more of a conversation than a transaction and can generate meaningful and measurable results.
An effective strategy should always build equity for your brand. We’ll partner with you to craft an overall plan that identifies the opportunities and solutions that will yield maximum results. Our strategy development goes even further because we understand and can help define intangible elements necessary for success. Whether factoring in the culture, collaboration between teams or reallocation of resources, our experience can help your company identify the pathway to sustainable growth.
Is your site intuitive to your users? Can they search or navigate easily to all your pages? You don’t have to wonder. There are a variety of ways to find out how effective your site is and where you may be ‘leaking’ customers.
Vacation rental sites and marketing tactics can be a great way for hotels to fill unused rooms. Conversely, if you own a single vacation home should you or shouldn’t you, can you or can’t you rent out your vacation home when you’re not using it? We can help you cut through all the information and misinformation on how and where to market vacation rentals so the most profit stays with you.
You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Understanding online customer behavior via data extracts, both qualitative and quantitative, help to build the business case in support of your online marketing strategy. Knowledge is power!

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