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Pink Adventure Tours is a premiere adventure tour company based in the southwest United States, with locations in Sedona, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. They are leaders in their space but needed to evolve their distribution strategy to drive more business direct and improve their profit margin.


The MBK Group conducted a thorough analysis of the inner workings of the organization, from the ground level sales team and accounts to the digital footprint, websites and contact center operation, and delivered a comprehensive digital and distribution strategy that encompassed a multi-step plan for each channel. The Pink senior management wanted to leverage our team’s individual skillsets in a bigger way and took a unique approach when they hired our firm. We became fully integrated into their entire operation which enabled us to be part of the implementation of each phase of the plan.


The new distribution strategy achieved strong improvements in website traffic, conversion and distribution margins. By developing a comprehensive strategy, which included a thorough brand study, the Pink team now has a plan to follow and build upon for years to come.