Easy SEO Checklist – Fixes that Will Help Your Website Improve in Search Results

7 Simple Items You Can Check

Your website creates opportunities to help your business grow. So, it’s important to make sure your website is working properly and customers or potential customers can easily find and interact with it. The following is a simple checklist you can follow on your own to see if your website is healthy and performing optimally.

  1. Does it take too long for your website to come up?

Google considers site speed an important aspect for usability and SEO (search engine optimization). Both of these factors can affect your placement on the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Of course, your customers care about speed, too, so make speed a priority. You can check your site speed here.

  1. Is your website mobile ready?

According to MediaPost, more than half of local businesses still lack a mobile strategy. Is your business one of them? If so, you may be losing an opportunity to grow your online business effectively. Use this Mobile-Friendly Test tool to check.

  1. Are there broken links on your website?

Most web users will judge a business by how easily they can obtain relevant information from a website. Broken links may infer that you’re not paying attention to your content and are potentially a reason for your site not to be trusted. There are many free tools that can do this for smaller websites, but the W3C link checker provides the service without trying to sell you something in return. For larger sites, you may need a tool that requires a subscription or you can contact the MBK Group.  We can offer recommendations or even check your website for you.

  1. Do you have web tracking, and if so is it working properly?

If you don’t have a way to track how many visitors come to your site and what pages they visit, you probably can’t tell if your website is being found by the right customers and is achieving your business purpose. There are a number of online analytics tools available; many come with an annual subscription fee. Google Analytics offers their basic non-premium platform at no cost and they also offer the Google Tag Assistant Chrome extension that verifies whether those, and related tags, are implemented properly on your website.

  1. Are you listed correctly for your physical store online?

If you have a brick and mortar business, you can list it for free with Google My Business and Bing Places for Business. This is very useful because you can add important details like business hours, address, see comments from people who have been to your store or office, etc.

  1. Do you have basic SEO implemented?

It’s not enough to just put up a website. There are techniques that ensure you will be found by search engines for relevant terms other than your company name.  These techniques need to be applied throughout your website or the money you spent to build it won’t provide much of a return. If you’re unsure how to go about checking whether your site has the proper SEO implemented, contact us at the MBK Group.

  1. Is your site secure? In other words, does HTTPS appear in the URL? If it isn’t an HTTPS site by October of 2018, then you may lose customers. It is highly recommended that web sites be upgraded from a non-encrypted (HTTP) to an encrypted (HTTPs) site. This is now becoming important for all sites, as it is directly tied to the issue of security and indirectly to data privacy concerns.

In September of 2018, at least for users of the Chrome browser (a product of Google), users will no longer see a secure tag when they visit an HTTPs website because Google expects users to assume the web is safe by default.   In October 2018, when the next version of Chrome is released (70), all non-secure sites will get hit with two different notices. The first is the Not Secure icon in the browser address bar. The second happens when someone enters text into a form field and the browser notice will change to bright red. While this will not ‘break’ the non-HTTPS website, it may cause the site visitor to lose trust in the website and abandon the site.

You can check this by typing your domain starting with https://www.(your domain) in the address line of your browser. If your website is not HTTPS encrypted, you will not see a green lock icon appear at the beginning of your domain’s URL address.

If you were unable to put a check by each of the seven items above, your website needs a performance audit and repair plan.  We find sites regularly that are blocked from search engines, unsecure, have broken links, are poorly optimized for search and more.  You wouldn’t try to run your car without gas, oil or a charged battery. Don’t leave your website unchecked. Check it often, especially if you are regularly adding new content and features.


Chad Calimpong has over 20 years’ digital marketing experience leading SEO efforts at well recognized Fortune 100 and Fortune 50 brands, such as Dell, Travelocity and Choice Hotels International with more than 10 million monthly unique visitors. He has been responsible for billion-dollar organic revenue efforts utilizing “white hat” search techniques in the travel/hospitality, medical services, financial services and technology industries.



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