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Client Testimonials

We pride ourselves on being doers for our clients and making it about their success. From large scale to smaller business challenges, we have stood in their shoes and not only authored successful strategies but also executed and managed them ourselves. We are honored that our customers are long standing and use our services time and again.

“I was delighted to hear that this talented group is available for hire! My past experience in working with them was so positive – they know what it takes to market a destination.” -Phyllis Burckhard, Executive Director, Visit Minot Convention & Visitors Bureau

“It’s not often that you meet a group of people with such comprehensive global experience. They get it and they really do deliver results.” -Eric Otto, Founder and CEO at Connect Worldwide, a global sales and marketing company in the travel industry

“I’ve seen this team work diligently to represent a hotel brand and its members and franchisors. The distribution sales and marketing agreements they have authored were second to none. They have that perfect balance of creative problem solving and truly understanding the nuances of the client needs and circumstances.” -Nir Margalit, CEO and President at Avenir Culinary Systems, Inc​.

“Pink Adventure Group realized that the growth and complexity of our revenue channels required a more sophisticated strategy to maximize profitability. Using this team of experienced individuals allowed us to evaluate our strategy and collaborate on redefining that strategy to improve bottom-line performance. The execution phase was achieved sooner than if we tried to build this team internally. We were after experienced individuals that could evaluate and execute quickly to keep Pink Adventure Group moving aggressively into new markets and opportunities. It was an excellent blend of internal and external talent focused on a common goal.” -Tim Miller, CEO Pink Adventure Tours

“The MBK Group brought their experience to bear on our behalf and helped us solve a variety of problems: tying together our many business with a cohesive brand theme, coming up with a new company name that was more marketable and redesigning all our websites. They even helped us select a CRM to track our sales leads. They took the pain out of the process and we’ve seen year over year sales growth ever since.”” – Peter Kreuziger, President & CEO Bon Appétit Group

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