Building Business Courage in 2018 in the travel/tourism sector

Can distribution problems improve?

In less than 30 days it will be a new year but what won’t be new are the distribution problems for businesses big and small within the travel sector. Across the globe, those individuals tasked with growing revenues are working hard to get their 2018 budgets and plans approved to show how this new year will be different and hopefully better. But will it? What was missing last year and the year before and the year before that?

Growing profits versus just revenues

Too often, travel and tourism businesses focus on growing revenues only and overlook profits, largely because there is not a comprehensive understanding of costs. Business teams, their annual objectives and competition for resources are not properly balanced. Within the business culture there is a lack of courage to change the problems because there is a lack of knowledge about how to change.

So how can a travel business take the bold moves needed to truly grow revenues and profits? You can write a detailed job description or two with a strong wish list, post, interview and hire, but it can take months or even a full year to onboard new talent in the hopes of delivering change. To effect positive change quickly, many businesses in the travel sector are using an alternative talent strategy to excel.
Just like you would hire a top personal trainer to motivate, teach and train your body into great shape, why not temporarily hire top courageous proven distribution talent to help take on your most difficult business challenges? Not just consultants but individuals that have stood in your shoes, have repeatedly and successfully created positive change and produced results. Proven talent that can lend expertise to help you navigate the complexity of sales, marketing, technology and distribution to achieve bottom and top-line performance.

Poach versus borrow?
– There is a scarcity of top talent that has taken on and won tough challenges in the travel vertical
– You can leapfrog your way to change by hiring short term talent to develop a strategy and align your staff
– Risk is low, and rewards can be high
– Take a train the trainer approach
– Experience does matter – knowledge builds courage
– Be willing to change; not just expect it

Success stories

Imagine if you were a struggling sports team and could add world-class athletes for a period of time to lead you to a winning season. Would your team’s knowledge and courage improve? How quickly would you learn to dance exceptionally well if you were added to the cast of Dancing with the Stars? Would your courage to perform grow? Travel businesses are building new courage and gaining knowledge to change from making the same mistakes by borrowing top distribution talent.

Connect-Worldwide, a global sales representation firm, quickly grew their portfolio of services and revenue by “borrowing” top distribution talent to help their tourism clients improve ecommerce strategies and revenues. Pink Adventure Tours, a well-established adventure tour brand in the southwest, desired to quickly evolve their distribution strategy. By utilizing the experience of the MBK Group they were able to blend internal and external talent focused on a common goal and within a short period of time realize improvements across every major channel along with a roadmap for their team to build upon for years to come.

Mary Beth Kelm is a creative eCommerce visionary with over 20 years’ experience building winning teams and strategies and helping hospitality businesses prosper at a local, national and global-level. Before turning her focus to the MBK Group, Mary Beth served as Senior Vice President eCommerce, Global Distribution, Marketing & Sales for Choice Hotels International. Mary Beth often takes on temporary leadership roles for her clients, lending her expertise to help them navigate the complexity of distribution and revenue channels to achieve bottom and top-line performance.

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