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How do you create big wins online? It’s the team. We are a proven group of experts with hands-on experience in global distribution (including online travel agencies and GDSs), website development & management, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and multi-channel marketing. We have not only authored successful distribution strategies but also executed and managed them ourselves.

  • Mary Beth Kelm

    Mary Beth Kelm

    We stock plenty of red licorice for our chief strategist. She may be only 5’2” in height but her visionary skills make her a giant in her field. In addition to loving to win, Mary Beth (we call her MBK) loves to run and everything sport, and is the world’s biggest champion of her husband and daughter.

    Mary Beth Kelm

    Mary Beth was a senior level corporate executive in ecommerce, global distribution and sales and marketing with more than 20 years of strategic leadership within the hospitality industry ranging from economy, to extended stay and upscale brands. A creative visionary with an entrepreneurial approach to business, Mary Beth is highly skilled in defining and developing new business strategies and leveraging technology to grow market share and increase efficiencies. She has developed and led high-performing teams to accomplish tough organizational goals. She is also a real estate investor and continues to oversee a successful Vacation Rental business.

  • Kevin Roman

    Kevin Roman

    Kevin really is tall. He’d be a basketball star if only his knees would cooperate. Kevin is a farmboy at heart and his home plays host to two Arabian horses, dogs, fainting goats, chickens, cats, and a really cool tractor. He’s the quiet force in the room and his quick wit breaks up the team on a regular basis.

    Kevin Roman

    Kevin has more than 20 years in the travel industry. He began his career with a global tour operator focusing on inbound and outbound business and has property-level hotel management experience ranging from front desk to reservations and sales and marketing. Kevin is an expert in third party system connectivity, negotiating global distribution deals, the wild world of online travel agencies, co-op marketing, rev share strategies, and distribution cost analysis.

  • Paula Valentine

    Paula Valentine

    Yes, Paula is that wicked smart, funny, total package of a person that you envied back in school and hoped she would show up just once with a pimple on her chin. She brings her wonderful sense of style to everything she touches and is tireless in her approach to all the finite details that make a business soar online. She loves to cook but the jury is still out on whether she’s good at it.

    Paula Valentine

    Paula has extensive experience in the hospitality industry with major international brands. Her expertise lies in e-commerce business development, including website design and usability, content creation and search marketing. Her background in multi-channel marketing encompasses crafting a successful hotel affiliate marketing program bringing in multi-million dollar annual contributions and creating new revenue streams through mobile and tablet apps.

  • Bee Yeap

    Bee Yeap

    Bee is spunky and has a HUGE heart for animals. In fact, that heart is so big she launched a successful ecommerce website for people that love to pamper their pets. A native of Penang, Malaysia, Bee is proficient in Chinese and Malay languages. A nature lover and uber competitive, Bee has climbed Mount Kinabalu, one of the highest mountains in South East Asia.

    Bee Yeap

    Bee is an accomplished digital marketer with a track record of increasing profitability through targeted search campaigns and affiliate marketing. She has employed her skills for diverse organizations in retail, hospitality, and insurance industries.

  • Chad Calimpong

    Chad Calimpong

    Chad is Maui born and raised and grew up surfing the waves and catching his own lobster. Now that he is land locked in the desert southwest, in addition to being an SEO genius, Chad has mastered skills in bbqing and grilling.

    Chad Calimpong

    Chad has had more than 17 years of digital marketing experience leading the SEO efforts at well recognized Fortune 100 and Fortune 50 brands with more than 10 million monthly unique visitors. He has been responsible for billion-dollar organic revenue efforts utilizing “white hat” search techniques in the travel/hospitality, medical services, financial services and technology industries.


Examples of how we have helped companies prosper online:

  • Succeeded in gaining substantial market share for global hotel brands over companies with much bigger budgets

  • First to market with multi-channel distribution strategies that included the launch of the first global hotel iPhone app, expanding to other mobile platforms and affiliate channels

  • Negotiated industry first third party distribution agreements saving and making hotels millions in profits

  • Built and market successful Vacation Rentals with five star customer ratings and more than doubling cash flow for owners


  • "

    I have known this team for about 15 years personally and professionally. I think the world of them. They were in the executive ranks at a couple of multi-national hotel brands where we successfully launched a plethora of strategic and technology projects. Their experience in the travel space is unmatched and their ability to think of ideas and predict future trends is uncanny.

    " -Gaurav Parekh, Co-Founder, Parsus Solutions
  • "

    I was delighted to hear that this talented group is available for hire!  My past experience in working with them was so positive - they know what it takes to market a destination.

    " -Phyllis Burckhard, Executive Director, Visit Minot Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • "

    It’s not often that you meet a group of people with such comprehensive global experience. They get it and they really do deliver results.

    " -Eric Otto, Founder and CEO at Connect Worldwide, a global sales and marketing company in the travel industry
  • "

    I’ve seen this team work diligently to represent a hotel brand and its members and franchisors. The distribution sales and marketing agreements they have authored were second to none. They have that perfect balance of creative problem solving and truly understanding the nuances of the client needs and circumstances.

    " -Nir Margalit, CEO and President at Avenir Culinary Systems, Inc
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